Spicing Up Your Relationship

Spicing Up Your Relationship By Samantha Motto, (CBI Intern) 2/25/2022   How many times have we entered the words “spice up my relationship” into a search engine? Perhaps a title such as this has caught your attention on the cover of a magazine near the check… Read More

Psychological Testing

Psychological Testing By: Jessica Case, MSEd (pre-doctoral fellow) Psychological testing. What is psychological testing? Let’s break it down! Testing refers to an observation or examination, similar to what we might expect a student would take at… Read More

Enhancing Family Rituals and the Holidays

Enhancing Family Rituals and the Holidays By Brittany Watkins, (CBI Intern) 2/14/2022      The holidays can be the perfect opportunity to start, enhance, or simply continue family traditions. It doesn’t have to stop at family. Friends, co-workers, and even neighbors are perfect candidates to start… Read More