How is Cognitive Therapy different from other therapies?

Cognitive Therapy Services in Monroeville, Cranberry Twp & Mt. Lebanon

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) employs a positive, active, educational approach that focuses on teaching you how to change and on seeking solutions rather than just simply talking about your past, or “exploring” your feelings and problems. CBT is provided within an emotionally supportive, empathic relationship, giving you the opportunity to express feelings and receive caring in addition to working directly on positive changes in your thinking and your life.

Treatment is typically short term because it is focused on specific goals and treatments techniques based in a clear plan we have created that guides the treatment process. CT emphasizes a collaborative relationship between the therapist and the client wherein they work together to identify the goals for therapy and implement the treatment strategies. Each client is assisted in using CT/CBT techniques that will help to resolve current areas of difficulty and learn skills that will be useful in preventing relapse and dealing with future challenges.