EXRP Consultation & Certification

Cognitive Behavior Institute’s EXRP consultation & certification program is designed by leading EXRP-expert, Dr. Thea Gallagher, to encourage excellence in EXRP. Attendees of Dr. Gallagher’s 4 Day EXRP for OCD training are eligible to participate in one of the three methods of consultation post intensive training. By participating in consultation, you will undertake training to improve and refine your skills in EXRP to the highest level.

Licensed clinicians who successfully complete consultation with Dr. Gallagher can attain certification & recognition by Cognitive Behavior Institute as being among the best in our field! CBI EXRP certification is awarded to individuals who have demonstrated to Dr. Gallagher an advanced level of expertise in EXRP through consultation. Participants must have a current caseload of at least 2 OCD clients throughout consultation to be considered for certification.

CBI EXRP certification indicates to consumers, potential employers, and other clinicians that you are skilled in EXRP therapy and is evidence of your expertise in the use of EXRP therapy in treatment.

In addition to professional recognition, Cognitive Behavior Institute Certified Professionals will receive:

  • A listing in the Cognitive Behavior Institute Certified Professional Directory
  • Access to our closed Facebook group specific to EXRP Certified Professionals
  • Congratulatory announcement of EXRP certification on the CBI Facebook page as well newsletter that is seen by over 100,00 clinicians across the country.

Consultation is available in three formats:

  • Individual: 20 sessions (each session 90 minutes)
  • Group of 4 participants: 24 sessions (each session 90 minutes)
  • Group of 10 participants: 30 sessions (each session 90 minutes)

If you are interested in consultation & certification with Dr. Thea Gallagher, please email Dr. Kevin Caridad at [email protected]

*Non-licensed clinicians are eligible to participate in consultation; however, they are not eligible for certification until their licensure is obtained.