EXRP Consultation & Certification

Program Overview

Cognitive Behavior Institute’s Exposure and Response Prevention (EXRP) for OCD consultation for certification program is designed and overseen by leading EXRP Experts! Attendees of CBI’s 4 Day EXRP training are eligible to participate in a 32-week consultation post intensive training. By participating in consultation, you will undertake training to improve and refine your skills in EXRP to the highest level.

Licensed clinicians who successfully complete consultation can attain certification and recognition by Cognitive Behavior Institute as being among the best in our field! CBI’s EXRP certification is awarded to individuals who have demonstrated strong foundational skill in EXRP through consultation. Consultees must demonstrate core competencies in the key domains of EXRP during the 32 weeks. Clinicians who do not meet these expectations will not be eligible for certification but may receive a certificate of completion. Non-licensed clinicians are eligible to participate in consultation; however, they are not eligible for certification until their licensure is obtained.

EXRP certification indicates to consumers, potential employers, and other clinicians that you are skilled in EXRP therapy and is evidence of your expertise in the use of EXRP treatment. In addition to professional recognition, Cognitive Behavior Institute Certified Professionals will receive:

  • A listing in the Cognitive Behavior Institute Certified Professional Directory
  • Access to our closed Facebook group specific to EXRP Certified Professionals
  • Congratulatory announcement of EXRP certification on the CBI Facebook page as well newsletter that is seen by over 100,00 clinicians across the country.

Program Structure

Consultation groups of 10 participants each meet weekly for 90 minutes over 32 weeks. Consultees must attend 28 of the 32 weekly scheduled sessions to be eligible for certification (4 sessions of the 32 are permitted to be missed). Upon missing 5 sessions, clinicians are no longer eligible for certification and will only be permitted to receive a certificate of completion. The group meets virtually through Zoom starting the week of September 20, 2021. Two groups are available for new consultees: Tuesdays from 1:00pm-2:30pm EST or Thursdays from 10:30am- 2:00pm EST.  A reoccurring link and password will be sent to consultees prior to the start date. To maintain the integrity of the group and to avoid disruptions to other consultees, transferring between groups is not permitted. Consultees who complete the required core components prior to the end date of the consultation group may be eligible for early graduation at the discretion of the consultant.

Financial Structure

The cost to participate in a consultation group is $1,500 per consultee.  For financial feasibility, payment can be made in full at the time of group confirmation, or collected in $500 increments according to the following schedule:

Payment 1:

$500 upon return of the application & confirmation of placement within a group

Payment 2:

$500 on Monday, November 22, 2021

Payment 3:

$500 on Monday, January 31, 2022

In order for all consultees to take advantage of the reduced-cost structure of the group, each consultee is responsible for the fulfillment of their $1,500 payment in full.  Should a consultee drop out of the group or not meet the standards outlined in the certification process, they are still responsible for any upcoming payments due to fulfill the $1,500 cost of their spot in the group.  All payments must be made via credit card and are non-refundable. A valid credit card must be kept on file in our secure vault for consultees who wish to utilize paying in installments based on the schedule above. Consultees will receive an electronic receipt provided to their email address after each payment is processed.

Program Materials

Once enrolled, consultees will receive a program guide that serves as the structure to ensure consultees have a positive and transparent experience during the certification process.  This guide includes all the necessary worksheets, evaluation standards, and criteria for successful completion of certification. Both worksheets and video recordings are utilized in the program. Consultees must complete the worksheets and use them to present during consultation sessions. The worksheets are organized by competency.  They include prompts to help consultees maintain fidelity to EXRP.  For certain skills, consultees are required to video record themselves demonstrating the skill with actual clients.  For these recorded demonstrations, consultees are then required to evaluate their abilities.  Some skills do not require a recording.  Consultees are required to simply evaluate their ability to demonstrate certain skills related to the treatment.  Consultees will receive formative and summative feedback throughout the consultation process.  If consultees have any questions or are unclear of their performance, they should promptly seek additional feedback from their consultant. Below is an overview of the core components included in the certification process and structured throughout the guide:

Core Components for EXRP Certification

The following items are required submissions for certification.

Assessmenttwo completed YBOCS for two different patients with accompanying questions for each

  • YBOCS 1
  • YBOCS 2
  • Competency questions for domain for each patient

Functional analysistwo completed functional analysis sheets for two different patients

  • Functional Analysis Worksheet 1
  • Functional Analysis Worksheet 2

Hierarchy constructiontwo hierarchy construction video recordings and the two completed hierarchies for each

(NOTE: ideally these would be from same patients you have functional analysis worksheets)

  • Hierarchy Construction Video Recording 1
  • Hierarchy Worksheet 1
  • Hierarchy Construction Video Recording 2
  • Hierarchy Worksheet 2

Overall Rationale for EXRPtwo video recordings for two different patients with accompanying questions for each

  • Overall Rationale Video Recording 1
  • Overall Rationale Video Recording 2
  • Competency questions for domain for each patient


  • Self-Monitoring Form
  • Exposure Homework Form
  • Competency questions for domain

Rationale for In vivo exposuretwo video recordings of in vivo exposure rationales from two different patients

  • In vivo Rationale Video Recording 1
  • In vivo Rationale Video Recording 2
  • Self-evaluation questions

In vivo exposurefour video recordings of four in-session in vivo exposures

  • In vivo Exposure Video Recording 1
  • In vivo Exposure Video Recording 2
  • In vivo Exposure Video Recording 3
  • In vivo Exposure Video Recording 4
  • Self-evaluation questions

Rationale for Imaginal exposuretwo imaginal exposure rationales from two different patients

  • Imaginal exposure Rationale 1
  • Imaginal exposure Rationale 2
  • Self-evaluation questions

Imaginal exposuretwo video recordings of two in-session imaginal exposures

  • Imaginal Exposure Video Recording 1
  • Imaginal Exposure Video Recording 2
  • Self-evaluation questions

Final session & Relapse prevention:

  • Competency questions for domain
  • Self-evaluation

Evaluation of Core Components

Consultees will receive formative feedback through participation in consultation. Formative feedback will be provided to consultees at least every eight sessions.  These intervals are intended to ensure that consultees are aware of their progress towards certification. Summative feedback will be provided at the end of the 32-week consultation group.

Video Recordings

Recordings are mandatory for certification.  Recordings are the only true way to gauge the level of skill for consultees.  Consultees should record each session in its entirety.  Consultees will not play the video of the entire session in consultation.  Consultees will only play brief clips to demonstrate their level of skill with different elements of the treatment protocol.  For example, it may take 15 minutes to educate the client on the treatment rationale; however, consultees will only play 3 minutes of video this skill.  Consultees must be respectful of time and come to consultation with the timestamps of each skill ready to share on their computer.  Consultees should listen to their recordings prior to attending consultation to know what they will present.  The worksheets must also be completed prior to consultation.  This will allow consultees time to articulate their thoughts and reflect on their abilities.

Privacy Agreement & Consent for Audio/Video Recordings

A privacy agreement and consent for audio/video recording.  Consultees must complete the privacy agreement and return it to their consultant prior to attending consultation.  The privacy and safety of the clients who are being recorded are top priority.  Consultees who violate the agreement will be immediately terminated from the certification program, without refund, and be subject to further legal/ethical action.  The consent for audio/video recording must be completed prior to initiating any recordings. These forms are provided by CBI.


Criteria for Certification Participation

Professional Disposition

  • Consultees must engage consultation sessions and approach all administrative tasks/issues in a professional manner.
  • Consultees must maintain ethical behavior in their professional roles.
  • Consultees must be open to consultation and feedback.


  • Consultees shall miss no more than four consultation sessions.  Upon missing a fifth consultation session, consultees shall no longer be eligible for certification and will only be eligible for a certificate of completion.
  • Consultees must be able to operate technology to engage consultation sessions through videoconferencing in Zoom.
  • Consultees must be able to record, store, and share via Zoom the audio/video recordings of therapy sessions in a secure manner.
  • Consultees must review their video recordings prior to attending consultation so that they are prepared to play the relevant portions of their video recordings.
  • Consultees must complete all relevant self-evaluations and worksheets prior to attending consultation.
  • Consultees must be prepared to share a video recording each consultation session; however, consultees will normally share video recordings every other consultation session.
  • Consultees must video record each therapy session in its entirety and share excerpts that are necessary for each required skill for formative feedback and evaluation purposes.

Required Clients

  • Consultees must complete the required activities for demonstration of core components of EXRP as outlined above.
  • Consultees must reach satisfactory scores on the final rubric (summative feedback) that make them eligible for certification.
  • Consultees should identify a client(s) for whom EXRP is appropriate after attending the initial 4 day training workshop through CBI’s Center for Education.
  • Consultees should begin EXRP with a client by the fourth consultation session.  It is unlikely consultees will have enough time to demonstrate the required EXRP skillset for certification if they do not start treatment with a client by the eighth week of consultation.


Interested participants who have completed (or are in the process of completing) the 4 Day EXRP for OCD Intensive through Cognitive Behavior Institute can email [email protected] to request an application for the group.  Groups are filled on a first come, first served basis.  We look forward to having you join us!