Bereavement Therapy

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Bereavement is the state of being sad due to the loss of a family member or friend

“I need help dealing with the loss of a loved one”

The Cognitive Behavior Institute is experienced in bereavement therapy. Coping with grief can be painful in times of any loss. There is no standard process of grief, and people grieve in a variety of ways. However, sometimes an individual may have serious difficulty coping with loss, this is known as complicated grief. Generally, complicated grief can be categorized when the experience of a loss chronically inhibits regular functioning of an individual.

What are the symptoms of Bereavement?

Symptoms of bereavement can resemble severe depression. Complicated grief can be categorized by (but not limited to)

  • Avoiding the grieving process all entirely (ex: refusal of attending funeral, etc.)
  • Manifestation of physical ailments or general health loss
  • Indifference of self-care and responsibilities

How does bereavement therapy help me overcome loss?

CBT helps bereaved individuals reduce the intensity of the emotional reactions to loss by coming to terms with the loss, working through the emotional reactions, redefining life without the person, and creating living memories, among other things.

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