What is Emetophobia?


Emetophobia is a fear or anxiety pertaining to vomiting which may include the fear of vomiting in public, a fear of seeing vomit, and or seeing the action of someone else vomiting. Emetophobia can affect any person, male or female, at any age or time in their life cycle. This overwhelming fear makes an individual try to avoid vomiting at all costs. A person with Emetophobia endures a repetitive cycle that is identical to the cycle of Panic Disorder. The individual experiences fearful anticipation, they begin searching for signs of trouble, and they engage themselves in chronic avoidance.

For instance, something triggers the individual of an incident where vomiting did, can, or will occur. Maybe your boss sends an email stating that the stomach bug is going around the office this season. Then, a thought about the individual, someone else, or seeing vomit crosses their mind. Then, the individual checks himself or herself to see if they are having stomach concerns. They may clear their throat several times to make sure they are not on the verge of gagging. Because of this fear or anxiety, the individual begins to experience the feelings that he or she may possibly vomit. Once an individual experiences the feeling of possibly vomiting the individual begins to want to protect their selves. The individual might call out of work, avoid going to use the bathroom, or even skip meals to reduce the likely hood that they will be induced to vomiting.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an efficacious treatment for the fear of vomit/vomiting.  The Cognitive Behavior Institute has recently been asked by the national CBS show “The Doctors” to provide Cognitive Behavior Therapy aftercare to an individual who was on the show from the fear of emetophobia.

If you or a loved one suffers from emetophobia then call the Cognitive Behavior Institute for a consultation.

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