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Life Stressors:

Life throws a lot at us sometimes and these stressful conditions can be either transient or become more enduring. Evidence suggests that continuously stressful environments have a very strong influence on the course of emotional disorders. Relationships, one’s health, or even occupational conditions can all add stress to one’s life. Even more, stress can beget stress and lead to a cycle of that can tax a person’s resources, whether emotional, mental, or even financial, in other domains of life. In other words, when one is not at their best, this can compound into a cycle of stress that has far reaching implications for other areas of life.

Fortunately, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), is an evidence-based therapy modality that focuses in on the cognitions behind the stressors of a person’s life and helps to reframe them into something more healthy. Through a combination of cognitive therapy and behavioral modification, CBT can help free the immediate and long-term effects of stress on life. By challenging distorted thinking and the maladaptive behavioral patterns that go with it, CBT can alleviate stress and bring clarity to an otherwise chaotic outlook on life.