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Weight Control:

In the hectic world of modern society, weight control and weight management can be a challenge that is undermined by many different types of biological and lifestyle factors. Some of the challenges facing those who would wish to control or manage weight can be premature abandonment, small effects seen in the attempt, or else poor maintenance of the problem.

Because Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) targets both the maladaptive thinking and the behavioral issues that can be at the root of weight control and management, CBT has demonstrated its efficacy in treating these issues. CBT targets the role of maladaptive, dysfunctional, and distorted cognitions about food and a person’s body weight in the weight management process. However, CBT does not stop there. Along with the cognitive treatment there is also the behavioral side which focuses on the principles of operant learning, behavioral contingencies, as well as positive and negative reinforcement in order to bring about dietary and physical activity behavioral change.