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Cognitive Behavior Institute

125 Emeryville drive
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Under the visionary leadership of Dr. Kevin Caridad, the doors first opened at the Cognitive Behavior Institute (CBI) as a solo practice in November of 2014.  Inspired, in part, by his dissertation topic on evidence-based practice and, in part, by his disenchantment with the status quo of mental health care, Dr. Caridad imagined a place where every client would receive V.I.P. treatment from the first phone call to discharge.  Becoming the Ritz Carlton of mental health accessible to ALL soon became one of many CBI slogans.  With his extensive clinical background, specialized training in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and unique therapeutic flare, Dr. Caridad was seeing 50 clients a week only three months into his private practice venture.

In February of 2015, he hired his first two administrative support staff, one of whom (Erin Molyneaux) would become the Chief Operating Officer at CBI.  Erin institutionalized her contagious energy and passion for patient care with policies such as: “A client’s initial contact with CBI will be honored with a live person on the other line or a call back within 10 minutes time.”  Viewing office administration as a kind of client advocacy is one of the hallmarks of CBI culture.  One might say that Erin’s brand of leadership is perhaps the purest form of CBI culture distilled in one person.  It was also in February that two additional clinicians were added to meet the growing clinical demands of the practice; and CBI hung its second shingle in Mt. Lebanon, PA.  As CBI continued to grow, additional clinicians were hired but not just for their sterling credentials.  Therapist applicants were offered a position based on Dr. Caridad’s “gut-feeling” on whether or not he would be comfortable referring an immediate family member to their care.

After partnering with other industry innovators, CBI played a leadership role in integrating physical health and mental health by helping primary care physicians to identify patients with untreated mental health needs and removing barriers to care through shared medical records, video conferencing technology, and online psychiatric services.  By March of 2016, CBI outgrew its’ two office suites and relocated to a five office suite in its current location just off the main drag in Cranberry Township.  Even though the added office space temporarily alleviated the “space crunch”, in less than 6 months’ time, 13 additional counseling offices were added to accommodate the volume of clients seeking empirically supported mental health care.  In order to ensure that all CBI clients received the highest quality of care, two Clinical Directors were added to help spread the electric CBI culture and offer training, consultation, and supervision to drive the clinical quality to a new level and ensure that the clinical team is appropriately supported and functions as a well-oiled machine.  In the Fall of 2016, CBI delivered its first two offspring, “The Center for Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health” and “The Center for Marriage and Family” (CMF) in order to provide specialized care for families, couples, and children.  Dr. Kaleigh Bantum, Clinical Director of CBI, was the chief architect of the Center for Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health (CCABH) who raised the question, “Why don’t we share CBI’s secret sauce with children and adolescents?”  The CCABH provides hope to youth and families by mobilizing strengths, fostering healthy relationships, and creating a stigma-free environment for services that are anchored in research and best practices.  Dr. Jonathan Impellizzeri (a.k.a., “Dr. J”), Clinical Director of CBI, crafted the Center for Marriage and Family based on the premise that healthy relationships are a game-changer and when families and couples are well connected, life can take on a whole new quality.  The CMF provides research-informed and relationship-oriented models of care designed specifically for couples and families of all shapes and sizes.

In the Spring of 2017, a third site was added in Monroeville, PA extending CBI’s reach not only North and South of Pittsburgh but also East. CBI currently serves more than 1,800 clients per week providing access to the entire spectrum of mental health care under one roof including assessment, evaluation, and psychological testing, face-to-face and online counseling, and psychiatric services. In preparation for additional growth, 10 additional offices will be acquired at the Cranberry site in early 2018. As part of the CBI vision for clinical excellence, the entire mental health profession is represented by our 25 stellar clinicians including licensed clinical social workers, professional counselors, psychologists, licensed marriage and family therapists, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants.  Instead of spinning our wheels in the mental health “turf wars”, we believe our different training backgrounds and professional identities provide us with unique and complementary perspectives which enhance our team, our services, and our clients. Here at CBI we pride ourselves in utilizing scientifically validated approaches with a heavy dose of compassion in order to reduce human suffering in our corner of the world and to better help our clients reach their life goals.

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