Distance Counseling

  • It’s Convenient
    • No more contending with traffic or rushing to appointments
    • Easily fits into any schedule
    • Expert resources right at your finger tips
    • Access to counseling during inclement weather or when out of town
  • It’s Private
    • Secure videoconferencing technology through VSEE, the leading provider of telehealth services
    • Encrypted & HIPAA Compliant
    • No chance waiting room encounter with someone you know
  • It’s Affordable
    • No fuel costs or wear and tear on your vehicle
    • Covered under many commercial insurance plans
    • Out of pocket sliding scale available

What should I know about distance counseling?

  • Greater patience is needed when communicating with the counselor
    • Email may be delayed, lost , or in spam/junk folder
    • Though modern technology is sophisticated, glitches may occur
    • Emotional cues are more difficult to read across a video screen
  • Some people may desire a traditional course of treatment
    • Those who are actively suicidal/homicidal
    • Those who are actively manic/psychotic
    • Those who are numerous concerns over the technology risks

How do I sign up?

Call 724-609-5002

Ask to sign up for an online session today!