Every little town or city has a favorite restaurant or place to eat and Mt. Lebanon has the perfect spot. Visitors and residents look forward to a dynamic dining experience with each visit. One of the best and most visited television featured restaurants is Dor-Stop Restaurant and after your very first bite, you’ll understand why.

Dor-Stop Restaurant is more than just a casual American diner. The atmosphere is inviting, the staff is welcoming, and the food is amazing. There is an expanded menu that offers something for almost every taste bud and it is vegetarian friendly. What more could you ask for? Well get ready, because there is a lot more. Established in 1986, the restaurant was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, and the food was a hit! Pittsburgh locals know when it’s time for breakfast, it’s time for Dor-Stop. On Triple D, Guy swung by this family operation serving sweet pumpkin hotcakes and crunchy raspberry French toast. For egg lovers, try Jumbot, a mix of eggs, sausage, green bell peppers and whatever else your little palate desires.

Menu favorites include Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Pancakes, Dor-Stop Burger (the showstopper) and Steak & Cheese Hoagie. These favorites are accompanied by much more such as Steak & Egg, West Coast Benedict and Ham From the Bone. Everyone that visits is sure to rave about their famous pancakes. This is a great place for visitors or tourists to drop in for a delicious and filling breakfast, as they are extremely generous with portions. Locals enjoy the atmosphere and don’t mind the crowd because it’s such a friendly and neighborly environment.

People travel all around the country and search to fine the best places to eat or enjoy a nice meal. A visit to Mt. Lebanon is most treasured when you can enjoy the delectable breakfast items at Dor-Stop. There is an enhanced ambiance that surrounds the dining area, but prior to that, the traditional styled exterior motivates you to enter and see what awaits. The restaurant is an American family diner known for its made from scratch hotcakes and French toast as seen on the Food Network’s Triple D. Serving breakfast and lunch during all business hours makes it convenient for you to drop in morning or afternoon to enjoy your favorites. It is an ideal place to enjoy breakfast, lunch or brunch alone, as a family or with a business partner.

The next time you are craving delicious food when residing or visiting Mt. Lebanon, PA, don’t forget to stop by Dor-Stop Restaurant. The crowd should be an indication that the food is good, but the friendly servers do their best to keep a consistent flow. This minimizes your wait-time and enhances your dining experience. This place is dubbed as a diamond in the rough, and the food, atmosphere and service or pure jewels. Mark this location as a must-visit and it’ll quickly become your favorite place to eat when in Mt. Lebanon.


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