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Cognitive Behavior Institute

1910 Cochran Road
Manor Oak 2, Suite 325
Mt. Lebanon, PA 15220


Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday 7am-8pm

Saturday 9am – 5pm

Phone: (724) 609-5002

Fax: (724) 299-8964

If you were to ask an insider what sets our practice apart from others in the field, you’ll probably hear “a sense of family.” What was once a seedling of change planted by Dr. Kevin Caridad, owner, and CEO, has blossomed into a multi-location, innovative treatment center that operates far more like a family than a mental health factory. The Cranberry location was the first generation and now functions as the “parent” site to both the Mt. Lebanon and Monroeville offices. However, no matter which of our homes you find yourself in, rest assured that you have found somewhere safe to be heard, supported, respected, and cared for with a healthy dose of compassion and effectiveness.

Our Mt. Lebanon office offers support to all who seek comfort at its doors. The same hope, optimism, and clear path for well-being that springs from Cranberry flow through our South Hills location, as well. Here, seasoned clinicians welcome you to the start of your journey towards a more fulfilling and meaningful life. Though the path may appear untraveled, unworn, and unforgiving, you are not alone; the CBI team is here to support and guide you and yours.

You may be wondering what, exactly, happens once you make the courageous decision to reach out to us. First, a friendly member of our office team will work with you to schedule an appointment with one of our clinicians. Please feel free to discuss any preferences or concerns you may have, as we recognize and honor the importance of matching you to someone with whom you will feel comfortable. The appointment will be scheduled as soon as possible depending on your preferences and schedule, as well as the availability of clinicians. Second, as your appointment approaches, you will receive an email regarding how to set up access to our website portal. Here, you can fill out consents and other paperwork ahead of time rather than at your first appointment. Third, the day prior to your appointment, you will receive either a reminder call, text, or email. We understand it can be difficult to remember appointments and other obligations; if you find it to be helpful, these reminders can continue for the duration of treatment.  Fourth, on the day of your appointment, please plan to arrive 15 minutes early to complete the necessary paperwork, unless you’ve already completed it online. When you arrive, you will be greeted by a member of our staff who will provide you with the necessary information and let your clinician know you have arrived. Fifth, your clinician will greet you at the waiting room to take you back to his or her office. Don’t worry if your paperwork isn’t complete yet; your clinician will provide further direction. Once you’ve settled into one of our soundproof offices, our experienced mental health professional will ask you questions about what brings you in, what areas of your life are currently affected, and what goals you have for therapy, to name a few. Sixth, prior to leaving, your clinician will accept any copay you may have and schedule your next appointment with you. In total, you can expect your appointment to last about an hour.

At CBI, we pride ourselves on selecting treatment models that have an empirical track record of success with your presenting issue. Our goal is to get you feeling like yourself sooner rather than later because you deserve it. In order to make that happen, our clinicians primarily use Cognitive Behavior Therapy, a method with a powerful engine of research behind it. This therapy, also known as CBT, helps you understand the relationship between thoughts, emotions, and behavior, and how these three components affect our understanding of situations that occur in our day-to-day lives. Usually, at the end of the first or the beginning of the second session, your clinician will explain the basics of CBT and ensure you can easily understand how the process works. You will learn techniques to think and act differently that will ultimately allow you to feel better. At the end of this session and likely each moving forward, your clinician will ask you to implement the skills learned into your day-to-day life.  At every step of the way, your clinician will be right alongside you to answer questions, address concerns, and applaud your hard work.

So, why do we do what we do, and how are we different? Because our story is your story. Our success is your success. Most importantly, though, we are all a part of the human family.  Contact us today.

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