Current Openings for New Patients

Thank you for your interest in Cognitive Behavior Institute. Due to the overwhelming demand for behavioral health services in Pennsylvania, we currently have availability for scheduling new clients for the following services:

  • Psychiatry/Medication Management
  • Self Pay Couples or Family Therapy with a Pre-licensed counselor ($75 per session)
  • Self Pay Individual Therapy Services with a Pre-licensed counselor ($75 per session)
  • Self Pay Individual Therapy Services with a Pre-Doctoral Psychology intern ($35 per session) *available for ages 5-35
  • Self Pay Individual Therapy Services with a Graduate-level intern ($25 per session) *available for ages 5 and older
  • Self Pay 2-Day Marathon Intensive Couples Therapy with a Gottman-certified CBI Therapist

If you are interested in these services please fill out our New Patient Request form


Waitlists for Additional Services

At this time we have an extensive wait list for:

  • Therapy services for kids and adults with licensed providers in-network with commercial insurances and Medicare
  • Psychological Testing (ADHD, Autism, etc.) – please note CBI is currently on a 10-12 month waitlist.
  • EMDR
  • PCIT

If you are interested in being added to our waitlist for either of these services, please fill out our Waitlist Request form

Our website will be updated regularly to reflect our current availability as capacity increases.


Body Image Groups

CBI currently has 3 upcoming body image groups available for new patients. Group therapy has the potential to be submitted to insurance or is available as a self pay service. These groups are led by CBI clinicians Zia Cook-Andres, LCSW and Casey Harvey, LCSW.

  • Transforming Body Image for Adults – Tuesdays 6:45pm – 8pm starting October 11th, 2022
  • Transforming Body Image for Teens – Date and Time TBD
  • Parent and Pre-Teen Body Image Education Group – Date and Time TBD

In the event the group is at capacity, we can add you to a waitlist for the next round of the group.
Any questions, please reach out to us via email: [email protected] or [email protected]


Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Group

CBI is offering an open process-oriented, adult (18+), coed outpatient level substance abuse treatment group. It is considered a lower level of care and is appropriate for people who have a mild to moderate substance abuse disorder. This group is led by CBI clinician Jonathon Baillie, LPC and is scheduled to begin on August 23rd, 2022. The group will run on Tuesdays from 6:00pm-7:30pm.

Addiction impacts all areas of one’s life, therefore treatment needs to address one’s life in a holistic way that includes biological, psychological, social, spiritual, intellectual and emotional aspects. Specifically, this groups focus includes but is not limited to, self-exploration, assessing one’s substance use, identifying underlying issues feeding into substance abuse, building self-awareness, identifying, planning and implementing actions for change, building and maintaining a life of recovery, etc.

Individuals with severe substance use disorder would be recommended for a higher level of care such as intensive outpatient, partial hospitalization or residential. This group would be appropriate for them once they have successfully completed the recommended higher level of care. Individuals needing detoxification services are also not appropriate for this group. However, we can help all of these individuals with referral and resources.


Adult OCD Family Support Group

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder not only impacts the individual that holds this diagnosis, but their loved ones as well. Family members often report feeling confused, frustrated, or angry as their loved one’s symptoms of OCD begin to infiltrate different areas of their life (socially, educationally, interpersonally, vocationally, financially). To reduce their loved one’s distress, loved ones may start engaging in accommodating behaviors. Greater levels of family accommodation have been linked to poorer treatment outcomes for a loved one who is currently engaged in exposure and response prevention treatment. Research studies has shown that educating loved ones about obsessive-compulsive disorder, exposure and response prevention treatment and differentiating support from accommodating behaviors has a direct correlation to better treatment outcomes.

The Adult OCD Family Support Group creates a safe environment for adult family members, who are trying to cope with their loved ones OCD diagnosis, an opportunity to connect with other significant others, siblings, adult parents who are seeking the same. In addition, the group leaders aim to provide educational materials on obsessive-compulsive disorder, exposure and response prevention treatment, practical strategies for helping their loved one, OCD resources, and a list of ways they can become involved in the OCD community (OCD support groups, etc.).

This 8-week support group was created for the significant others, adult parents, or siblings (ages: 18 plus) of an adult family member who has been formerly diagnosed with OCD and is currently engaged in Exposure and Response Prevention Treatment (ERP or EX-RP). The group provides an opportunity to support and connect with others as we discuss symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder, exposure and response prevention treatment, and practical strategies for supporting their loved one while they’re in treatment. We will identify several different resources for learning more about OCD and ways to stay connected to the OCD community. The group will be led by CBI Clinicians Nicole Gibson, LPC and Samantha Motto, Professional Counselor; it is scheduled to begin Monday, October 3rd, 2022 (11am-12pm EST) and will run for 8 consecutive weeks.